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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> * star is this thursday november 1st the northeast is still reeling after super storm sandy this morning. we'll have more on the damage and efforts to clean that up and just a minute. bay area is waking up to
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rain and we're tracking if there's a forecast and we will visit with their cut in just a bit. >> we are tracking a hot spot at interstate 580 where the drive time continues to decline. and the 5:00 hour there were 45 minutes twice the usual commute time. we are now pushing over 60 minutes over one hour to they also must pass to the dublin interchange. there is still trying to clear the house in the off ramp. rain and a number of incidents and the westbound direction , with a multicar crash that did not clear very quickly. it has left us with this horrendous westbound back
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up. they flee that is the only hot spot this morning. >> here is a wider view of the storm system we are tracking. it is making his way to the south. impact a lot of church leaders last night but we are no longer seen plo. it is still raining in the south bay and east bay as well. we've seen some improvement for san carlos in redwood city the rain is back in palo outsell. future cast for shows even into the 8:00 hour we are still dealing with stray showers. it will start to dry up and it looks like into the 11:00 hour we will see some showers on the back end. the afternoon is
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expected to be a dry one with a look at your afternoon highs coming up in just a bit. >> jackie sissel is over at the richmond center filled bridge this morning. >> about a half hour ago we had a nice drizzle rolled through here. the roadways are still wet and the electors turning off the wet road ways. for now it is cleared up a little breezy. much of her from last night as erica was talking about. it started to read about 630 a m seven a m much better this morning and
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last night. the roadway is still wet so be careful if you are driving in. >> the new york city's subways are slowly rolling again. not up to the complete schedule they're still working on a partial schedule. this is three days after super storm san becausdy. the death toll is now raising to 194. there is still many without power this morning. new jersey to virginia as still assessing the damage. airports will be running on reduced schedules today fouling sandy's destruction. the shot at the
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korea you cannot even see the taxi way it is under water. jfk and new work polls opened yesterday. >> the diversity of southern california for people were shot on campus and around 1145 after a halloween party. there about a hundred students gathered for this party that was hosted by campus student organization. four people were shot and one person is in critical condition. all four are in hospital. two people were taken into custody, the people that were shot as those of people taken into custody were not students. classes will be resuming at you as see this morning. >> to children in santa rosa were struck in hurt by a car
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while tracker trading last night. a tenure a boy and a four year-old girl were walking in a crosswalk just ahead of their parents when they were struck by a car. they were taken to the hospital and it does not appear that their injuries are life threatening. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. there is a one day strike to protest concessions that they say management is demanding. this will be the sixth strike and a series of strikes. they're upset about contracts that are under negotiation for about 18 months. this walkout is supposed happened at 3 and berkeley and oakland and castro valley. >> ups expects holiday
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shipments to jump 10% this year. this is due partially to an increase in holiday online shopping. the biggest is amazon .com. ups will be hiring 55,000 seasonal workers to handle the shipments. that is about the same amount of people they hired this time last year. >> will be back in just a few minutes but here's a look at walnut creek. it looks fairly clear right now and the rain is moving out. we will be back.
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>> lots of cheering and confetti and the streets of san francisco and lots of people. close to a million people in the parade and a big party at the civic center plaza in san francisco for the san francisco giants. but the world championship and hand there is a they are on the stage at cheering and thanking the fans. tony bennett saying i left my heart in san francisco. the biggest cheers came from one the players spoke. >> we are enjoying the highest of high as right now and thank you. thank all of you guys. it is just an honor to be appear and be a part of helping the team this year. it is such a
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blessing, thank you very much. >> two reasons why we want to share one we can together and we played for the name on the front not the names on the back and 2 for you fans. >> this is truly amazing and without you guys would have made it and you are by far the best fans of baseball. this has been unbelievable >> we want to thank you for all of your energy that you bring. you all are the best. >> you guys better be proud. you need to be proud. we are all world series champions here >> i want to thank the fans because we struggled through the year...
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>> is the giants second world series victory in three years. a lot of the players say is even more sweet than the last one. if you would like to check up right highlights we have a special commercial free rebroadcast of the best moments from the victory parade and the civic center plaza party. you can watch it tomorrow at 9, you can also watch the entire celebration on kron4 .com. >> they pakistan francisco's as well as bart trains. it broke a record, even bigger than this celebration in 2010. our record over
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553,000 exits'. that smashed the previous record which was set the day of the world series parade in 2010. >> we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. we are trying to dry out, here is a shot at the approach to the bay bridge.
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>> will continue to track a hot spot here. the ride on interstate 580 in the west on direction at 67 minutes the for the drive time. they have opened up one of the lines of the offering for hacienda drive. we are also getting word that along livermore avenue santa rita road that there are a number of signal lights that are malfunctioning. with a power outage reported in the livermore area. the drive time is at 67 minutes over an hour now. it should be about 20 to 28 minutes at this hour for the west on ride. either traffic as we move the map around the east bay ride is really not too bad. that is the only hot spot where tracking. the 1
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01 and 85 have no unusual delays here. the bridge checks are to the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup reaching right to the edge of the macarthur maze. your ride to the san mateo bridge as we expected, slowing down now within 18 minutes drive time. expect that to climb to 25 minutes and the next few minutes. we're approaching stop and go conditions across the span. your ride to the golden gate bridge 1 01 south is still in light and easy ride. not only for the bridge but from marin county. >> the showers are moving their way through almost out of here. lingering showers in the east bay and some of our south bay spots but nowhere near as intense as what we experienced overnight. we were anticipating a pretty messy commute but because the showers started earlier than we predicted last night the heaviest rain actually fell
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almost of us were sleeping. it is currently raining over interstate 680 down bill toward san ramon. and showers are on the way out and pretty light in nature. you will need user windchill wipers and there's always the potential for some pounding. the livermore valley is starting to dry things out the we are still experiencing some light rain over the optima past. san mateo high with highway 1 01 stores to clear right around the san mateo bridge and as these a man you can see it is raining and portions of oakland alameda and down toward san leandro. allow yourself a little bit of extra time for the nimitz freeway. light rain for highway 1 01 and 237. as the clouds continue to push their way south we are still contending with wet weather in san jose and sunnyvale. there is a light rain and
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prettmost folks are describing t as a light sprinkle. we are seeing some residual side showers on the back end. we could pick us was traced hours north of the golden gate bridge into the 11:00 hour. a lot of the clouds start to live and we will see more in a way of sunshine as we head into the afternoon complete the track conditions. it is shaping up to be a very nice day. temperatures are not too bad 60 out the door in hayward 57 in napa. it is not to chilly up there there is a slight breeze to contend with. we of cold air coming in with that front as we head into the afternoon mild conditions on tap. 67 for concord laid out in richmond, upper 60s in the south bay and 68 for santa rosa. the seven there on ave forecast shows sunshine as we head into the weekend.
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>> the dow jones industrial average over up at 1%. u.s. builders are increasing their spending at 0.6% in september for home construction of some solid gains. net flicks that shares were up 13%. the shares are now dropping 4% as the rating was downgraded for net flicks. wall street is on the rise with the dow up almost a hundred and 46 points. >> police across the bay area took plant part and operation blue. officers made sure that the sex offenders were following the guidelines that were put in place. sex offenders were not allowed to leave their home from 5:00 p.m.
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halloween day until 6:00 a.m. the following morning. they were not allowed to pass out candy or wear costumes or decorate their houses. if they do leave the house the gps tracker they're wearing will notify the parole officers of their whereabouts. the police reported no arrests last night. >> several years ago on a halloween party there was an event that was canceled in 2007 because several people were shot. last night everything was peaceful and everyone celebrated halloween. >> i'm waiting for my call i may have a gate for $75 a week. --gig >> we are trying to figure out what that first one was.
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>> a live look from our roof cam in san francisco, it is cloudy and wet on the ground. the current temperature 78 degrees and expect our highest downtown severance is coded to the mid-60s. >> there's a kit chemical fire for a train derailment in northern kentucky. they are pouring water on it but they're just letting it burn itself out basically. hundreds of people have been evacuated from homes and louisville in nearby west point because of this. the vapors that were leaking caught fire so workers use a cutting torch to separate the two cars that derailed. this is obviously a family cat-that is burning--gas they do not know how long it will take. >> the configuration or
7:26 am
reconfiguration between san diego and tijuana mexico promises to give inspectors more time and space to search for illegal goods without disrupting motorists. last night the tra a strange attempted crime that cross a that u.s.- mexico border. smugglers try to drive the jeep over a 14 ft. high fence me using a makeshift raft. they got stuck and the suspects jumped out and ran off. >> that is crazy is in that? we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. here's a live look in san jose and you can see a lot of traffic out there. you can also see it looks
7:27 am
very dark because it is raining at the moment there. is it raining in your neighborhood and when will this stop? erica havel of it will have all of the details when we continue.
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>> not only is are 580 hot spot getting worse but we have added another to the list. the 580 ride it has drive times continuing to climb. 71 minutes is the drive time after the devil and interchange. from the optima past. that is a brutal ride. the ride from 680 had to dublin as well in the southbound direction a an accident is jamming up the traffic coming through the walnut creek interchange. 680 southbound is now backed up all the way
7:30 am
to highway 4. >> storm tracker 4 shows ran lines pushing its way south. we are catching a break for the north bay. we are still experiencing some light rain for east bay spots. the green indicates light rain i 680 to danville stretching down to san ramon. it is raining in downtown livermore that is also were reassessing some power outages. it is rainy and windy out there but it is a light rain. it is not as messy of a commute as we originally expected. highway 1 01 you concede rain stretching towards foster city. the south bay shows we're still contending with some showers. they are pushing their way out, the cold front is continuing to move south. we could pick up
7:31 am
some showers on the way out of this. >> a suspected drunk driver slammed into a power pole in san leandro. we can see the splintered remains of a poll there. power is knocked out to the surrounding areas. and >> about 45 customers are without power duse this accident. it looks like they'll be without power for quite awhile at least eight hours because they said that is how long it will take to repair this. you can see it basically just broke off its base there and is just basically being supported by the wires right above it. when this car crashed into the poll it not only wrecked this poll but it did a domino effect. there are other downed lines on this block. i believe i am and
7:32 am
the intersection of grand and i'll meet those. it is a whole block has been effective for sure. >> where is the car? >> the car actually drove off. after heading this po the car drove off but the police were able to catch him several blocks away from this location. that is when they were able to get the card that the suspect and arrested and taken into custody. if you are talking aboute around this area is also affecting traffic on grant and washington. the lights are out here as well. it is quite a traffic jam with people having to treat this intersection as a four way stop. you have quite a bit
7:33 am
of a back up with people trying to get to work and to school. it is right in the middle of the commute hours so it is quite a busy and backed up traffic here at this intersection. >> are they directing traffic? >> there is an officer on the scene making sure that people treat this as a four way stop ferry is a big intersection and you can see it as two lanes in each direction on all four sides. they are directing people just in case. for the most part people seem to be trained like a four way stop with no one knows in their temporary at. --temper yet >> hurricane sandy new york city's subway system is partially rolling again this morning. three days after san because the worst
7:34 am
disaster in its history. 56 people and one person in canada have died in the storm. at the death toll is now up to 124 if you count the desk from the caribbean. new jersey to west virginia are still assessing in calculating the damage. >> my commitment to people on this block and the people in this community and the people of the state has been that same spirit will carry all the way until our work is done. >> i'm paid to have patience and i pay to get things done for you. i need you to have patience as we get all these things done. >> in new york as we mentioned limited savoy's service is beginning today was funded flooded tunnels
7:35 am
in packed buses. many people have been forced to walk or take bridges across the ridges. all fees have been waived on mass transit until the end of the week. 10,000 air force and national guard troops have been deployed to those states. >> there are two different takes on sports and that's one of basketball on football. san francisco police are looking for who ever said a muni bus on fire after the giants won the world series on sunday night. you have seen the video but now we have the first person arrested for vandalism on the bus. 22 year-old gregory grant as says he admitted to vandalizing the bus. they caught him after inspecting video doesn't circulated on youtube. they're still looking for people who vandalized. the this case
7:36 am
even clearly see someone setting the bus on fire. there's another shot regencies on busting through the windshield of the bus. >> this kind of behavior in san francisco we will identify you oresteia will prosecute via and you will pay for it. so don't go there. >> they will hunt you down. they keep looking at this video and circulating it and asking anyone to come forward if they know who these people are. there is another shot of they are releasing season clearly see one of the arsonists. the shot shows a larger-here said a police barrier and smashed it to the front of the boss. >> stockton police have made an arrest in a homicide investigation that began in pleasanton last spring. the body of 25 era and a floor as was found inside a trash
7:37 am
can and pleasanton on may 24th. the police have determined that she was from stockton and yesterday's 30 year-old was agent arrested for the woman's murder. placer still asking for help as they continue to collect evidence in this case. >> pennsylvania attorney general is suspected to announce the former president grant span year has been charged in connection with the jerry sandusky's out of his sex scandal. he resigned in the wake of the charges against the former penn state football coach who was this convicted of 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse. spaniard has been identified as a possible target for the investigation and the charges will be announced against him today. >> a high-profile school sex abuse scandal in san jose. a former high school
7:38 am
principal is on trial for failing to report suspected child abuse by one of her teachers. here is the teacher craggy chandler who is accused of molesting five second graders last fall at 0 ft. wally elementary school. prosecutors say the principal violated california's mandatory reporting law when she did not go to the police after a parent complained about chandler. >> i think the point of this entire trial is added that a reasonable person would have suspected after child abuse occurred we need to understand the significance and importance of reporting. >> there were hand written note about how a parent did report chandler.
7:39 am
trying to get out of bed when it is a little misty and raining out there. here's a shot of the golden gate bridge the traffic seems to be running ok. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> with the time is now 7:42 a.m. the 680 south on ride is not how spot getting out of walnut creek into the san ramon valley with a multi crash. the accident has just added to the slow traffic on 680 southbound and comes all the way from highway 4. we're finally seeing our first down taken the drive time for was some 580 which top out at 71 minutes is now down to 67. not much of an improvement but at least we're having the right way for the west 580 ride. >> 2 astronauts are space walking outside the international space station
7:43 am
and an intent to find an ammonia leak in a critical radiator system. last night thrusters on a dock russian supply ship were fired to move the space station out of harm's way. it caused a system malfunction in the system did not reach the desired altitude. no word on whether not they will try again. >> the u.s. enterprises headed for its home and northward virginia. the vessel is the navy's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. it will take three years to remove the ship's reactor fuel in reactors. you've been you've moved to puget sound in washington where will be cut up and sold for scrap metal. in the '60s bishop was house at the naval air base and alameda where one of had a complete makeover.
7:44 am
>> they should make that into a museum. we will take a break in here is a live look outside from the mt. tam. we're looking for breaks of sunshine this afternoon. we come back daria and gary talk about your latest sports news.
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7:46 am
>> we are adding to our list of hot spots now. the 580
7:47 am
livermore ride as well as the 680 ride into the san ramon valley. here you can see just how slowly traffic is crawling along. it was a crash that adds to what was otherwise they'd already slow commute. it last a little longer this time in backing the traffic up and to concord on both 68242 southbound. 242 is almost out of the backup to highway 4. on interstate 580 west down all morning long it has been an exceptionally slow ride as you head west to the awesome on past from tracy out to dublin. at 67 minutes is still over an hour for the drive time. in the last 15 minutes we finally saw of the drive time start to drop a little bit. it is no longer climbing so we hope we will see these numbers improved at least a bit for a while. the bridges have been heavy this morning especially the bay bridge atypically have the ride. we
7:48 am
have been incident free on the upper deck but we are so backed up to the maze. the ride its than 92 on the san mateo bridge is a hot spot once again this morning with heavy traffic from the top before the toll plaza all aliyah to highway 1 01. 22 to 25 minutes drive times more than twice the usual commute. the golden gate bridge is picking up a load of volume in the southbound direction is still a fairly easy ride from marin. no problems across the span. >> looking at your golden gate bridge shot i notice that the deck is dry. we have cloudy conditions that we may encounter and missed but it shows that the brunt of the weather is behind us. we do have some stray showers and the east bay over interstate 680. we did see some shower activity over the altamont pass you can see the green on your screen indicating light rain for san mateo. the san mateo
7:49 am
bridge itself down towards ... is currently raining in sunnyvale milpitas. drive with extra caution and you'll need to use a winch of lepers this morning. future has four shows pop up showers on the back end of the cold front but overall try and clear conditions as we transition into the afternoon. for the past 44 hours everyone has been around according to other financial rainfall the santa rosa is coming and had almost 9 t of an inch. they broke an old record set in 2008. in terms of afternoon highs everyone is in the '60s 65 for downtown san francisco 67 though i have. at the grouseven there on the bay shows wet weather as we head into the next week. >> we survive the big
7:50 am
victory parade for the san francisco giants. >> would be mean week? from what i hear you are indoors. don't you dare try to paint yourself as one of the people. >> as one of the people out there if you see a sea of black and orange and then sergio romo. he was standing, the guy was like a walking he slows the parade down and i know the fans loved it. he had a t-shirt on that drew a lot of attention. >> he is a cute guy all the time. after games and everything he did just that think of the nice guy today, he is always a nice guy. >> the fans went wild and he made that statement by wearing that sure is that i just lucky legal. >> people lov
7:51 am
>> the company that sells that shared usually sell about five and they sold 100 that day. i like how alex smith showed unity. he got in trouble for in the hat and today he was driving the car >> harbaugh was out there >> yes harbaugh was out there to. >> as cute as remote is year in and year out if he had to have someone babysit your kids i think the kids would have to much fun with rum while--romo after all the abuse of seen him take over the years i've never seen him crack. of all the if all
7:52 am
of their pro athletes were like that we would have nothing to complain about. >> we have to wait until the 11th for the 49 hours to play but no more weight for basketball. >> i admit i had an eye on it last night. and between tracker treating-let me ask something did you open your house for people? >> i did but we were the only ones. it was miserable out there. >> it was cute some many people even a state with admitted day out of it mccain's a parade. why not tracker treat? it was packed in the general consensus was everyone had fun. this thing went until 3:00. >> that is because sergio
7:53 am
romo had to walk a whole thing. >> after that a school people took time off from work so who cares how long it took. we missed the and the by commercial so what. >> he says you have an eye on basketball so explain to me i feel kinda bead. tonight have the home opener >> if you have been stressed a longtime hawn? a guy signs a contract for $44 million and you feel sorry for him? i want a new kick to change the terminology in sports. no longer say he overcame adversity. >> the knicks and nets have
7:54 am
been imposed on. >> they have more on their hands. they'll have it bears the in the backcourt. open that new berkeley center when they are ready. >> this is not the time. we will be right back.
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7:57 am
>> we have all of your giants world series parade highlights with all the festivities on stage. we will tell you how you can relive it all in a much more convenient fashion. the superstore may have passed but the devastation remains. we will study how the east coast is dealing with the aftermath of sandy. a great starches' trading the dollar is up triple digits will have the latest on the markets and a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> a live look over at the
8:00 am
golden gate bridge. waking up to somewhere on the bay area this morning. >> we are adding to the list of hot spots. right now the san mateo bridge westbound ride is one city and stop and go conditions the toll plaza. 28 minutes drive times, nearly triple the amount normal commute. the construction delays we have experience for the past month and have for so does not appear to be ending anytime soon. our other hot spot this morning is on interstate 680 where we have seen some improvement. there accidents at lowborn wrote southbound, two of them and that is what back things up early. it will likely keep a backup longer than usual with a 34 minute drive time into the san ramon valley into dublin coming out of
8:01 am
walnut creek. there is heavy traffic on 68282 southbound. by a hot spot is still a major problem for the west on commute even with improving drive times. it is still over our through the optima past through the dublin interchange. an accident and paul alto of southern university as slow going approaching san mateo on 11 that lasts all the way to university ave. this is a tough commute for the peninsula southbound. the weather has been responsible for release some of our delays. >> storm tracker 4 shows hopefully improvements. roadways are starting to dry up especially in the north bay. a dry break further fairfield and for concord. the showers are the remnants of what started last night and packed a lot of tracker traders. the rain fell late last night into the early
8:02 am
morning hours. the green indicates light grairain. we are seeing some light rain for belmont they sure freeway and as we turn our attention to the south bay we have been dealing with the showers passing through. it is currently raining ever in milpitas. you may want to dry with extra caution for that portion of 80 and highway 237. i will show you a huge cast for a look a year afternoon highs coming out. >> wall street's soaring today with the dow industrial ups 47 points right now. a pickup in construction spending is leading to the big gains we are seeing. wall street was closed monday and tuesday due to the super storm. >> a driver possibly drunk
8:03 am
driver knocked out fire power and this neighborhood here. even see the whole of the driver ran into an kron4 is a reporter is out there live at the same period would never have is this in san lorenzo? >> this straight as action blocked off is called the at the melos it is completely blocked off because when the driver crashed into his post it to the domino effect. there a couple of other lines that are dropping right down that are going to have to be addressed. some pieces of broken off from the top so there's quite a bit of work that has to be done here. the cherry picker has just arrived and what they have to do is basically remove the base right here and then replace it with a new poll. once that is established they'll be able to transfer all of these other connectors and wires
8:04 am
over is a new post. it will be a while. it has affected 45 customer setup without power. this intersection also. this is grand avenue and that basically splits up to different streets. the other street across from it is washington and that is still open that is causing this intersection to be treated as a four way stop because the lights are still out. pg and he told me it may be at least eight hours for the can restore electricity. >> i do see a highway patrolman, looking and i see a big line of cars. usually they have a cop out there and it goes faster than a four way stop. >> the drivers are expect
8:05 am
respecting one another and seemed to be getting through the intersection without any problems. it does not see that much of an issue--seem it is causing quite a bit of a backup. they're not letting five cars go threaded time. >> if there is a cop out there that can lead 101520 go and then the next >> after severe storms and a the clean up as a shot from new york city with a crane dangling on west 57th street. the crane is actually bend over backwards and has pledged completely over. is still dangling 90 stories up in the air. they're still evacuate in the surrounding buildings as they're still trying to decide what to do with a crane. the death toll has risen to 62 now. 62
8:06 am
killed in the u.s. and one in canada from superstar sandy. 131 is the total death count including the caribbean. the new york city subway system is up and running once again. new jersey to request virginia is still assessing the damage. airports was still be operating today but under reduced schedules. the storm shut down all three airports in the area. at the korea as a last open this is the tarmac at laguardia and is completely flooded. >> a live look out of berkeley this morning 3200 registered nurses are on strike. they're expecting seven hospitals and east bay. the necessary
8:07 am
management is demanding concessions from them. this is the sixth strike in a series of strikes. they've been in contract negotiations for 18 months now. three hospitals based summit medical centers and berkeley san leandro hospital and sadder solano and vallejo. we will continue to follow that and have a live report on what is going out on out there. we are tracking tracking a storm for you that happen mostly overnight. >> the north bay was the worst of the rain for tracker trading. concord again rain until about nine so they're like kids in the bay area. >> you considering moving
8:08 am
through and we're mostly driving out and vote weekend looks nice. we'll be back in a
8:09 am
8:10 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. a 3.4 earthquake this morning was around gilroy. that strike at 7:34 a.m.. there are about 78 responses showing of on the web site. the reports of damage and injuries injuries.
8:11 am
>> former penn state coach has been charged in connection with the jerry sandusky child abuse scandal. sandusky was convicted of 45 criminal counts for sex abuse that lasted over 50 years. >> ups expecting a holiday shipment jump of nearly 10% this year. the company says the projected rise is partly due to an increase in online shopping. ups is the primary delivery company for many online retailers. ups said it will hire 55,000 seasonal workers to handle those increased shipments the same number they hired last year. >> 8:11 a.m. will be back with more in a couple of minutes. will be right
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. a california man was attacked by a shark and live to tell about it. he was swimming on his bit. i did not really feel too much pain until i woke up
8:15 am
this morning. >> 25 year old scott stevens is lucky to be alive he was attacked by what experts say is likely a juvenile great white shark off of humble bay. >> it was about 4 ft. at the to the nose. >> he is showing off his battle loomed with the doctors who help keep them together. >> was a lot in ball for him and the fact that he denied penetrate the tests or of the locality. >> he started with a bike that could've been much worse. >> this is what is board looked like after the attack. for assessing animal grab him and pulled a blunder. >> it came out of nowhere. a penny under. >> then he started to fight back. >> i was on the water and punched the sharp and
8:16 am
decided said a couple of times. >> he was able to start paddling in on a wave and saved by some fellow sufferers. a meeting one of and i happen to be in into the hot on top of him basically used our body weight to hold everything in had to make sure he was a leading to that. >> doctors say the help he had before the hospital helped make their job easier. >> in fact he was already starting to worry that he was going to have to get a wet suit. >> despite what has happened stephen thanks doctors and servers. >> i would not be if it wasn't for them. >> he says he will not let this close call people from his passion for several. >> filing and a surfboard and in a wetsuit gulf that is the only thing keeping me out of the water. >> the traffic department we are tracking number of hot
8:17 am
spots right now. among them interstate 680 in the southbound direction. two crashes in the valley of salt on a road worthing start to pick up. it has left the traffic backed up to highway 4 on 242 in the southbound direction. the drive times are over 30 minutes heading into the san ramon valley down to dublin coming out of walnut creek. here's a look at the extent of the back up as you can see it reaches up to slow going here. also we are continuing to track major delays for interstate 580 in the westbound direction. i expect dry time to be at least 10 or 15 minutes to drop below one hour. we are way behind schedule for the ride from the altamonte pass from the 2 05 interchange of went out to dublin. >> on the peninsula we are tracking slower than usual traffic all the way from san mateo downpour out though. or at university avenue we had an accident which helped kick off the slow traffic.
8:18 am
>> the san mateo bridge has been a hot spot with a 22 minute drive time in the westbound direction. twice the normal commute time. we may have seen the end of the stop and go but we could see more before the commute is over. at the bay bridge west brown predicted size backup right to west grant avenue at the edge of the car the maze. for your ride to the golden gate bridge steady in slow traffic here both on the stand and through marin on 101 south bound. >> it looks like we they have seen the end of the storm that blew through here overnight. let us go to our sole reporter jackie sissel is out at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> i am looking at mount tam you can see a little blue sky in the background it started to clear up. over in the north bay. i met the richmond san rafael bridge.
8:19 am
if i turn the cam to downtown san francisco you concede that downtown san francisco is covered in clouds and fog a much different thing that we saw last night especially in the north bay. all of rowntree time start to see the rain come down and was steady of nylon. we start to seize records about an hour or an half an hour ago. >> jackie was on about the clouds is starting to dry up around the bay area. satellite and radar showed a wider view. a lot of that system is continuing to push its way south. the heaviest rain fell overnight almost a sleeping. we do have some showers in the east bay and south bay. as we take it over to storm trackers 4 you can see that are passing through. this did impacter or treaters. we did see some
8:20 am
drier conditions south of the golden gate bridge and overnight with of the heaviest rain and it looks like things are starting to dry up. as we zoom in is currently reigning over interstate 680 south of san barack ramon. spotty showers around the 586-80 interchange. we do have some light rain for foster city the bay shore freeway into san mateo. that system continues to push its way south. it looks like the rain has let the milpitas area. you may encounter some pondering as a light rain as well. futurecast for shows on the back end of the system which could pick up some spotty showers north of the golden gate bridge. after that clear conditions and to the afternoon. at 3:00 p.m. we will see sunny conditions however cooler conditions around the bay area. everyone was about a quarter to a third of an inch of rainfall. an
8:21 am
impressive amount for santa rosa. the rain started here first. i almost saw nine tenths of an inch of rain. your afternoon highs down to the '60s. 62 for half moon bay. 67 for san mateo and hayward. upper 60s and napa. shows sunshine into the weekend. remember to a.m. sunday you have to set your clocks back. monday warming up to be a nice day. low '80s in one upper seventies about the bay. low seventies for the calls. >> watching a sharp rise on wall street. the dow jones industrial average of over 1 percent. >> as we saw a drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment we also saw adp the private sector showing an increase in hiring. we have some increase in manufacturing. the dow at 13,000 to 33. the
8:22 am
home builders have solid gains. we are watching net flics they have been dropping 4%. oppenheimer downgraded the stock. down for 38. >> we are also watching a chemical fire burning at the site of a train derailment in northern kentucky. there are evacuations in the area. hundreds are forced from their homes and louisville area. they are trying to put the flames out from the tanker. first it was irrelevant than the welders were tried to separate the cars and that is when one of the cart with the chemicals inside caught on fire. the chemical that is burning is colorless and flammable. ortiz said they will attend to let it burn itself out and keep water on it to keep the flames out but not now how long it will take. >> now a quick update on decision 2012 we have live pictures out of green bay wisconsin were president obama is back on the campaign trail today. today he spent the last day
8:23 am
moderately feathered. understand he will have star power with him today at this morning's rally. the packers safety charles woodson are reportedly scheduled to make an appearance today. was it that fact is out to be true. >> wisconsin is one of three stops. he will be lost a is this afternoon and in denver tonight. we will be back with more headlines just a minute. >>
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
the san rafeal who was accused of killing a teenager and stealing a lamborghini will we enter his plea. he could face decades in prison if he's convicted. authorities say that wade wrote a motorcycle that it could of truck on the 13th and fired a handgun at a teenage couple inside. he is also accused of killing and lamborghini from a san francisco car dealership back in march of last year. the car was not recovered for another 10 months. >> stockton police made an arrest of a homicide investigation that lodged and pleasanton the spring. the body of a 25 your one may 24th. four in stock and police authorities determined she was a stockton. yesterday's a 30 year-old man was arrested in the woman's murder. the police are still asking for the public to help the case.
8:27 am
>> just six blocks away from the celebration as a dissenter was the two men were shot. after the giants will series party. police found a man at the intersection of leavenworth in turkey. one was a teenager and was taken to surgery the other was a man in his 20s who was shot in the stomach and was treated and released from the hospital. k force is involved in the investigation. police said the shooting was not related to the walters parade. so far more arrests. >> watching storm trackers 4 we're watching the storm blow to the bay area with lingering showers showing up of the san mateo bridge down near the dumbarton. heavier rain moving through south san jose some showers on the 580. that should be the end of it a few scattered to recover remains cautious clear out a mission to warm up a bit. to be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back watching some modest gains in turn larger. the average continues to be up over 1 percent. the dollar up hundred and 43 at 13,000 to 39. was that 13,602 weeks ago. we had big losses to lunch + days of lost it last week. >> at our 30 a.m. live at the traffic center with george will get hot spots. they are peppered the route. >> we have seen a lot of slow traffic started with the problems on 580. it picked up a couple of accidents from the san ramon valley. this dry time has dramatically gone up. we're seeing some improvement now that the lebraun road crashes are cleared. was it backs up it will stay backed up until the time line stretches are lifted. that happens at 9:00. we continue to see delays coming into
8:31 am
walnut creek on 680 south bound also an accident on westbound 24 slows the ride to the tunnel. there's a northbound crash having us backed up a bit at sycamore valley road. they are slowing down north bounds the san ramon valley as you head towards and wrong. looking at your ride here on 580 west down the dry time now dropping below 60 minutes as we are slowly thing some improvement. on the peninsula we continue to sea as lower than usual ride 4101 south bound from burlingame. it is all the way down to san mateo, redwood city into palo alto. for your ride to the san mateo bridge in have been a hot spot earlier things are improving here considerably. we are still at 15-18 minutes with a dry time and that is still almost twice the normal commute. >> the bay bridge there was an accident out with s curve westbound that blocked the middle lanes of the
8:32 am
metering lights a crackdown and traffic is backing up again into the car to mays. not completely so. dry time to be reported now over 22 minutes of the base for the west on ride. for the golden gate bridge an easy commute here with no delays in the southbound direction. that has been is will commute all morning long. erica >> thank you george one thing for sure in your camera shot is the pavement is dry. we are just chilly with the remnants of what that cold front was pushing for the bay area into the overnight hours and waking up earlier this morning. we do have spotty showers on tap it looks like it has pushed through the san ramon valley no longer ran for i 680. just because storm trackers 4 is not picking up and things does not mean you may not encountered result. you may need to use your when st when shoppers. it is forcing some light rain south san jose. the heavier
8:33 am
stuff fell overnight futurecast for shows and to the 9:00 a.m. hour some spotty showers on the back in. it looks like crowded conditions as we advance the clock afternoon sunshine take a look at that. your temperatures will be on the cooler side i will break down those numbers in my neck support mark. >> thank you erica the developing story we're following about 3200 registered nurses at seven hospitals managed by sutter held in the east bay are on strike now took protests concessions. sutter management is demanding concessions. >> mike pelton has more on the strike. >> the morning mark the strike now fully under way for about an hour into with you can see the scree by my count is about 75 nurses. each of the nurses holding a sign. they are on strike for patient care. this is the sixth time in the past year in a few
8:34 am
months that this group has gone on strike. today's strike is in response to a contract they tell me is unfair and they will not extend. these nurses also tell me the two sides are still very far apart. they say sutter is offering a contract that will cut how they will provide patient services. they also said sutter was to decrease their benefits. sutter does not have a media representative out there at this location. they did provide a large packet of the information detailing their side of things. they tell me according to them they claim this is a good deal the benefits are fair. about 3200 nurses may take part in the strike around the bay area. all of them coming together. they say with one goal in mind. take a listen. >> really would like to do that-but one day strike is intended to send a message that we are serious in our fuel to except their
8:35 am
takeaways and what can get us back in here without interruption of work is the coming to the table and negotiating with us. >> the one day strike is exactly that. these nurses tell me. an ambulance going by. they tell me there will in their strike tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.. in the meantime sutter is using temporary replacement nurses. they say quality care will continue. the temporary nurses do receive a five day contract. so each nurse can choose to put his pay in each strike cannot return to work until next tuesday. >> a one day strike turned into a lock out while the replacement nurses to their contract for five days. we will follow up with mike with the reformation this morning. >> police --officers make sure offenders are
8:36 am
following a strict guidelines that are meant to keep children safe. sex offenders are not allowed to leave their homes from 5:00 a.m. on halloween until 6:00 the next morning pier it they are not allowed to pass out candy or wear a costume or decorate their homes. if they do leave their house the gps tracker they wear notifies parole officers. roll agents said there were no caress in operation boo last night. >> there was no disruption in the castro for the big celebration at following. they had some problems with gang violence years ago at the annual halloween party. the again in 2007 was canceled after people were shot. i am waiting for my call from the casino in tupelo i might have a kid for $75 a week so i have been waiting. it was a long time ago. >> there is no better costa
8:37 am
for tonight then a giants fan. >> overall it was peaceful. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. a look at air force one arriving in green bay wisconsin as the president resumes his campaign today. president obama and mitt romney are both back on the campaign trail. after pausing to deal with a superstar on sandy. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
8:38 am
makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben.
8:40 am
[ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. we are back with the latest in presidential politics. these live pictures out of green bay wisconsin were in the second expect president obama to step off of air force one and as head a campaign rally today. we understand he will have-- some people of note on the stage with him packers safety charles wilson is scheduled. and singer james taylor also reported the on the stage with the president. wisconsin is one of several stocks will make today. he will travel to los vegas for a campaign event this afternoon. then he will hop aboard air force one a flight to denver where he will be campaigning tonight will likely stay overnight for continuing on the
8:41 am
campaign trail. we're less than a week away from the november election. he will be hitting it particularly hard considering he lost two days of campaigning over the last couple of weeks because he was managing response to hurricane sandy from the white house for the first half of this week. this is what he has been dealing with a lot of responsibility. >> again on the campaign trail. the crowd is bundled up is about 39 degrees in green bay. when the president steps to the podium in a bid we will attempt to bring you some of his life comments. >> and lot of people lost their lives. lot of families have been jealous devastated. a lot of homes and property have been lost. our hearts go out to the people are suffering. please make sure if you have an extra dollar or more than that to send it to the red cross or salvation army or some of the relief effort to make sure we show the world and show our neighbors how much we care. >> that was from an hour ago mitt romney on the campaign
8:42 am
trail speaking in roanoke virginia. he continues his campaigning with two more stops in virginia and turning those campaign stops into a fund raising events. >> and vermont writer kron 4 will provide you with live coverage of it axinite starting at 8:00 p.m. it is the updated on our web site at kron 4 .com. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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8:46 am
>> all the petty differences that concern was the normal time ostin to melt away. there are no democrats or republicans during a storm. they are just fellow americans. leaders of different parties working to fix what is broken. neighbors helping neighbors cope with tragedy. communities rallying to build. a spirit that says in the in we are in this together. we rise or fall as one nation. as one people. that spirit has guided this country along its improbable journey for more than two centuries. it has carried us through the trials of the last four years. 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the great
8:47 am
depression. today our businesses have created over 5 million new jobs. the american auto industry is back on top. american manufacturing is growing the fastest pace in 15 years. a less dependent on foreign oil than any time in 20 years. >> will keep listening in and bring up dates of the president's speech. the president heading the campaign trail just a few days before the election. the traffic center watching hot spots with george. >> we continue to of monterey but sore right to the san ramon valley unusual. traffic has been backed up to north of walnut creek into concord all the way down to danville in the southbound direction. take a look at the traffic map still sluggish. the west down 24 ride packing up even more now. getting out to the tunnel where we have had an accident in orinda. off did on 580 westbound the 58
8:48 am
minute drive time has dropped by another seven minutes. we are almost below the 50 minute threshold things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. we do have some sort traffic here on the nimitz freeway through the fremont milpitas' corridor leading from the sand the tail bridge to the dumbarton where conditions are at their worst in backed up the ride. for fiscal commute than usual in to milpitas. at the bay bridge there was a recent accident of the upper deck has cleared now. it is that traffic backed up heavily. 22-26 minute drive time depending on your approach. the san mateo bridge which had not spot is not one any longer but is still slower tried the usual at about 15 minutes it should be 11 minutes into end. your ride to the golden gate bridge 101 south heavy now. from about mid span to just pass the tollgates. we will get a check of the weather for you now here is
8:49 am
erica. >> george lingering showers right now storm trackers shows some east bay spots along the east bay shoreline and down toward broken hill and gilroy. we're picking up a light rain again, the brunt of this system passed over night it is currently reigning over the san mateo bridge and parts of highway 101. in the south bay we're picking up a light rain for a major when chilled wipers. down in south san jose other than that we are starting to try things up around the bay area. as we take a look at rainfall over the past 24 hours a pretty much everyone ride around a quarter to a third of an inch. santa rosa however, and present the system stalled over the area. santa rosa got the rain fall first. with nine tenths of an inch which shattered and zero precipitation record in 2008. a rainy hollow ring. livermore for tens of an
8:50 am
inch a almost a quarter in concord. take a look at current temperatures fifties around the bay. 55 in fairfield pier 58 in san francisco. upper 50s for san francisco and redwood city-- san mateo redwood city. we will see the sun shine everyone looking with a tight range of numbers could see seventies and pleasanton. 66 for san raphael. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows, whether on the way quick reminder saturday to sunday it is fog back. it is the end of daylight savings time. sunny conditions on tap that afternoon. as of now monday will be the warmest of the week. >> thank you erica a great day to celebrate the san francisco giants as baseball friends along the bay area by market street to celebrate the team and a world series went. >> kron for cover the pri
8:51 am
for the early hours let's take a look. >> why are you not in school. but because of the giants >> this is giants calling wednesday. >> i knew we would do it. >> (singing0. >> this is what is all about. >> (singing) >> we deserve to soak it in
8:52 am
here a bit. >> (singing) >> ladies and gentleman the manager of the world champion giants bruce bochy. >> if i had it tagline to hang on this club it would be never say die. >> when key players go done during the season never say die. we got down 2-0 to the reds. never say die. we got down to st. louis 3-1 and never say die. that last game against detroit, was the first time we got any highs and we never say die. >> we struggled during the year i always saw the 42,000
8:53 am
fans in the field. that gave us a lot of courage and our energy to play hard for you guys. we went to cincinnati there were not as loud as you. we went to st. louis they were not as loud as you. and quite frankly detroit fans or not even close to as loud as you. that is why we won! thank you very much! >> you guys better be proud you guys need to be proud. i tell you this for sure we are all world series champions here wearing orange and black here in san francisco and that is what is up. >> we will bring give up. (chanting)) >> ladies and gentlemen the one and only mr. tony bennett. >> (singing)
8:54 am
>> thank you very much!
8:55 am
>> (cheering)
8:56 am
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put t whole mo >> you have to be aware that the lights are out on washington and grand. you're supposed to treat this as intersection as a four way stop. >> we will see what happens this afternoon. as yoli said earlier it could take up to eight hours. >> filing superstore sandy with the death toll at 62 in the united states and one in canada. the total is 131
9:05 am
people. parts of the new york city subway system are up and running again. nick from new jersey to west virginia they are assessing the damage. flight services are trying to return to normal. the korea sitting on the east river was under water and now it has been drained. look korda should be opening up today. >> consumer confidence index increased last month to 72.2. the new report says consumers are more confident as they saw improvement in job growth. despite the
9:06 am
growth it does remain below under 90. 90 or above indicates a healthy economy. >> 3200 registered nurses at several different hospitals are on a one day strike. mike pelton is on the scene. >> the strike is now entering our to at the summit medical center in berkeley. 75 nurses are out here walking in a traditional circle with picket signs. this is in response to a contract offer that they say is unfair and they will not accept it. this is the sixth time since last year that this group has gone on strike. this time of the nurses tell me that the two sides still very park far apart. the contract offered
9:07 am
makes cuts as to how they are of but provide services. they did provide me with a packet full of information detailing their position. according to that they say this is a good deal and the benefits are fair. if spikes to cross the bay area and all the nurses are coming together with one goal in mind. >> we would really like to be with our patients. the one day strike is intending to send a message that we are opposed to their takeaways. what will get us back to work without interruptions is a last going to of the table in renegotiating. >> the nurses are scheduled to technically in their strike at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the temporary
9:08 am
nurses that have been brought and have received a five day contract. they're not able to return to work until tuesday because of the contract that the temporary nurses will receive. >> we'll be right back as the kron4 news continues.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> about 7:30 a.m. there was
9:11 am
a 3.4 earthquake in the gilroy area. close on the people said they felt it but there were no reports of damage or any injuries. >> four people were shot overnight on the campus of usc. it happened around 11:45 p.m. there was an argument at a halloween party outside the campus center. a hundred people had gathered there for a party sponsored by campus student organization. on persons critically injured and three others were shot but have not life-threatening injuries. they're all the local hospital. campus police say they have to people in custody for the shooting. the campus is no longer under lockdown and class are continuing today as scheduled. authorities say the shooting victims are not affiliated with usc. pennsylvania's attorney general is expected to announce the former penn state university president gramm spaniard has been
9:12 am
charged in connection with the jerry sandusky child abuse scandal. the former president resigned in the wake of the scandal that a ball sandusky was convicted the summer of 45 criminal counts by sexual abuse and 10 boys over 15 year. pamel a quick >> but a quick break and keeping an eye on our storm for tracker we will be back in a moment
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> the dow was up over hundred points and we're watching the winners and losers with rob black. net flex shares soared yesterday but there down to that. >> and past is common in take companies over and he did not do with yahoo. he told yahoos shareholders to take the offer from microsoft. what is he going to do with net flicks? so it to stop microsoft? graphics has said we're gonna lose money in the foreseeable future. >> amazon, there's christmas
9:16 am
shopping starting right now. >> they're going to do black friday three fridays before the real black friday. i think it's smart of them. they have things that people want a panasonic 54 and see. >> is this parfor santa? >> i could finish my question migchristmas shopping tomorrow. it is a little bit ridiculous. >> bugs have been having some problems, they were so popular but they keep raising the price. --uggs
9:17 am
>> huggs for women are showing a sloppy image. the man's version worswere selling pretty well. their earnings are falling 31%. investing in fashion is a brutally tough. i do not suggest you do it. if you get the wrong color it will all fall apart. >> it is still big with the kids know >> but if you see 80 to 35 year-old lemon dressing up and putting them on the kids won't want them--18 >> this talk about
9:18 am
starbucks, they're going big in china. >> they are doing it right. they open a store they invite the moms and dads of customers to come in and take a look and talk about it. it is very very innovative because that is what the culture is there. they show demonstrations in the testimonials from other countries. this would have no chance in the united states. they're making a part of a culture, part of a family meeting place. he is asking you do this in the united states and the answer was no way. if they start speaking spanish and the united states with apple and more of the latin community ? the response was no. i would buy starbucks because there's a starbucks on every corner and people seem to
9:19 am
be addicted to the product. >> i'm over starbucks. what do i know? let's get a look at the weather. >> storm tracker 4 shows most of the showers have passed are areas in the south bay are still getting some light showers. feature cast for shows spotty showers in this hour but as we said the caucus had to about three afternoon we have mostly dry conditions and expecting sunshine. for tomorrow morning fog and sunny by afternoon. by the weekend, we are expecting a little bit of a warm-up. there is a low visibility so there are delays at sfo. the temperatures are pretty mild about upper 50s for santa rosa and napa mid 50 for
9:20 am
places like the bottle and daly city. low 60s for east bay shore and. upper 60s for santa rosa and napa mid-60s for san francisco and los 60s for the coast this afternoon. upper 60s are expected in the south bay as well as the east bay and and valleys. the seven they are on the bay shows us that things are gone to work out warm up as we had to saturday. it looks like things look warm even further as we head into the workweek and monday looks like the warmest day we'll have '80s on the board. >> we have been monitoring a number of hot spots and things are getting better in some areas and worse and others. interstate 680 shows some improvement here the closer we are to highway 24.
9:21 am
and the heart of the san ramon valley it is still sluggish share in both the south and northbound directions. close to walnut creek it does pick up as we see on our camera. westbound 24 still way behind schedule although and proving. an accident and are and as sallie backed up the traffic from the caldecott tunnel all the way to an end to walnut creek on the six a southbound. more bad news for interstate 588 at green hill and an accident has been reported just as things are starting to clear out to the off my past. the ride on a 80 is clearing especially between hayward and the dumbarton bridge. it is still sluggish with a free palm milpitas corridor. the bay bridge where same the improvements here on a 880 approach. we're still backed up the west grand avenue coming in from the heart of the maze. the san mateo bridge was haven't stop and
9:22 am
go is no longe is back out of 11 to 12 minutes drive time. the golden gate bridge has been quietly working his way this morning clean cars across the southbound direction and we of the problem free here. a fairly normal commute from iran and we have been incident free all morning long. --moran >> louis back in a couple of minutes. there is still a grind through san jose and it is still great out. we will be back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> the summer for a teenager accused of trying to kill two people and celebrity in san francisco entered his plea this morning. 18 year- old max wave could face decades in prison if convicted. authorities say he rode his motorcycle next to a pickup truck and fired a handgun and a teenage
9:26 am
couple inside. there is a truck that the victim was and. he is also suspected of killing a guy furies lamborghini from a car dealership. >> an arrest made it another-- >> the body was found in may 24th and a garbage can. authorities determined she was from stockton. police are asking for the public's health in the case--help 2 men from union city were shot minutes after the giants celebration party. one of the victims as a teenager and was taken in for surgery the other was a man in his 20s who was shot in the stomach. he is treated and released. the
9:27 am
gang task force is investigating. the authorities say that it was not involved with the celebration. >> a former elementary school principal is on trial for at daylight to report suspected child abuse for a former teacher. gramm channeler is accused of molesting five children last fall. prosecutors say that the pen principal violated california's mandatory reporting law when she did not boast of the police after parents complained about chandler. she also included a handwritten notes as how the parents were responding to chandler. >> will have more information as the cleanup continues after hurricane sandy. here's a live look at the toll plaza with things
9:28 am
starting to dry up. we will be back in a moment. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin.
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9:30 am
>> and still tracking not slide the highway 24 and the westbound direction. an accident occurred early at and around the and has left it slow still from lafayette actually walnut creek and pockets of land to the caldecott tunnel. another crash and by the west on a green bill means that we have not yet seen the end of the 580 ride pressed down. it is still over 40 minutes and the off my past. it should be about half that by now. also lingering slow traffic in the south bay on guadalupe parkway northbound. we're still having reaching cupertino in mountain view on 85 northbound. >> still the guy was some rain in the south bay you can see the band that is passing through here. the
9:31 am
yellow indicates moderate downpour. morgan hill is getting some light drizzle as well. as we head into the after now we're expecting dryer conditions and may even see some sunshine. i was a bottom for full forecast. >> jackie sissel has been in the richmond seinfeld bridge all morning. >> ads seems like we had a little bit of everything. rain and drizzle earlier this morning and now we're seeing a little bit of clearing with blue skies over the top of the toll plaza. day after and last the north bay got it first sought only makes sense to the clear out first in the north bay. last night right around tracker trading timer on 7, 7:30 p.m. we saw the rain role and and it lasted all night long. a lot of us
9:32 am
in the north bay ended up with a lot over lots of left over can be this year. >> i have a lot, no kids came. the rest of the bay area waited until overnight. >> you should abroad that can be to work--have brought t >> police across the bay area took part in operation blue. that is the annual check up on sex offenders on halloween night. they made sure that the strict guidelines were followed to keep kids safe. 5:00 p.m. till 6 this morning how wayne they are not allowed to pass out candy or wear a costume. they wear a gps tracker and dave will been there for all officers would be notified if they left their homes.
9:33 am
>> to people torched a muni bus on saturday night after the world series win. you can see the people looking at the damage. there was one arrest made 22 year-old gregory mannes and he admitted he vandalize the boss. the video that circulates looking for the people that forced upon us even see right here. -- torched the bosuss >> and number of big donors gave to charity including the new york yankees who reportedly gave $500,000 donation. at the red cross has provided more than 23,000 overnight shelters since saturday.
9:34 am
>> my commitment to the people on this block and the people in this community and the people in the state is that that same spirit that will carry over until our work is done. >> i'm paid to have patience, and pay that things get done free. i need you that patience so we can get these things done. >> christie accompanied obama to survey some of the damage here. you can see tunnels and buses packed with commuters. new york governor declared a transportation emergency and waived fees on mass transit until the end of the week. >> a lot of people lost their lives, a lot of families have been devastated. a lot of homes and property have been lost and ours got the people that are suffering. please make sure to have an extra dollar or more than that to send it
9:35 am
along to the red cross or salvation army are some other relief effort. we need to show the world shore neighbors come much we care. >> that romney back on the campaign trail as he spoke in virginia. he is back on shore with a presidential election coming up on tuesday. >> new polls give president obama out leave it at over romney and swing states employ new hampshire. let's take a look at the numbers. obama is leading in iowa 54 to 40% according to the wall street general pauoll. president obama has a five point lead in the high of 50 to 45%. a reminder that will have
9:36 am
extended coverage on kron4 starting at 8:00 p.m. for the election. >> we will be right back as kron4 news continues. a fire in a train in derailment had evacuation's in place. we will show you more details straight ahead. the mt. tam cam shows low clouds along the coast.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> a train derailment and chemical fire that is still burning since yesterday and other kentucky near louisville. the flames came shooting out and the train derailed yesterday. welders were there trying to separate the cars and a sense that turned to fire. the homes of been evacuated because of the papers that are leaking from this the railcar. the chemical
9:40 am
burning is a verifiable gas --very flammable >> a strange time to get over the border from kidney at mmexico to california. the smugglers attempted to drive a jeep over a 14 ft. border fence. they may makeshift ramp to try to get over and they got stuck. the people that were driving it took off and ran back into mexico. coming up we will have another look at the big stories we're following and an update on weather and traffic. san francisco is trying to see little the sunshine after a rainy night. we will be right back.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
cam. we have full coverage of the weather. following the weather on the east coast as they're trying to recover from the super storm sandy. you can see here what they are dealing with. mass transit is just trying to get moving again but having a lot of trouble. wait time is one to three hours to get on my boss. it takes hours and hours to get to where you need to be. a lot of people are walking instead. all the mass transit is free. people are trying to cope with sandy. >> it has been three days since super storm sandy bore down on the east coast. the recovery is just beginning. the governor of new jersey is asking for patience. >> i'm paid tip have patience and to get things done for you. i need you to have patience with us trying to get this stuff done. >> he joined president obama
9:45 am
on a survey of the damage yesterday. >> my commitment to the people on this block and the people in this community and people of the state is that in the same spirit that will carry all away until our work is done. >> and your clematis up with services begin today with flooded tunnels and packed buses many commuters have been forced to walk or bike. >> we are going to get or were going and then take it one step at a time to figure out. >> governor cuomo declared transportation emergency with no fees until the end of the week. new york's bellevue hospital had to be shut down with national guard troops evacuate in it. troops have been put on duty in 13 states. those with waterlog homes and businesses across the eastern seaboard say they are getting third day by day.
9:46 am
>> we're just doing one step at a time. >> back in the bay area we're looking at rain showers. and walnut creek on the left-hand side looks like it is trying to dry out. >> you are right about that we are seeing some rather conditions. the south bay is sean love the showers down there. they're expecting a dryer afternoon. as we set the clock has about 3:00 p.m. it looks that we when we dryer as well as sunny. taking a look at what we can expect in store for is for tomorrow we will deal some morning fog was sunshine in the afternoon. warmer as we head into the weekend but still dealing with airport delays. at sfo you can see about a 77 minute delay. oakland and san jose fights are currently on time. upper
9:47 am
50s for the san rose and 50 degrees for the layout 61 for hayward and upper 50s and the south bay. and the afternoon with expecting a mile david dreyer was 68 degrees in san rosa 69 in tampa mid-60s for san francisco's 60 degrees for daly city man upper 60s for east asia or an upper 60s are expected this afternoon. seven they renovations as things are going to warm up getting back into the upper '70's. it will be beautiful weekend. and the looks like monday will be the warmest day with '80s on the board. >> we are still looking at some hot spots and sadly on the worst is the first half spot we start with. we'll go there and a second but first
9:48 am
i would 24 is still way behind schedule this morning. a san crash was reported a gateway after the earlier occurring accident at the around a crossroads which was cleared. traffic is backed up to walnut creek past lafayette of which the 24 interchange. another accident greenfield westbound 580 means this commute is not going away anytime soon. you can see is still pretty heavy on the west and in the altamont pass all the way into livermore and then into sluggish again into the 580 interchange. we're still tracking slower than normal traffic to the 1 01 to the south bay. where the guadalupe parkway meets 1 01 is backed up to julienne mickey. the bay bridge toll plaza westbound the same backup coming from 880. is not horrible but it is a slower rise in u.s. like at this hour. 80 minutes as the average drive time. the san
9:49 am
mateo bridge as the hot spot but is no longer. is an easy ride in both directions. the going gate bridge is still fairly heavy from the south tower has a right and from the toll plaza. there is long though traffic into the soil dry bypass. >> we'll be back with more for the kron4 news with a final look at the celebration for the giants.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> a lot of chairs and a lot of confetti and san francisco to honor the world series champions the giants. lots of people backed out an orange and black as their favorite players away from convertibles. they were clapping at the end of the best inning was a surprise visit from tony bennett who
9:54 am
sang i left my heart in san francisco. the players think the fans for always supporting them. >> we are enjoying the highest of the highs right now we thank you. it takes all of you guys and it is a real honor to be appear and be a part of helping the team this year. it is such a blessing so thank you very much. >> there's two reasons why the team won this year one became the other as hunter said earlier we play for the names on the front not the names on the back. two because of you fans. >> this is centrally amazing and without you guys would we wouldn't be here and you guys and by far the best fans of baseball. this is an unbelievable. >> we want to thank you-for all of your energy and excitement that he rang the san francisco for the giants they and and day out. you guys are the best. >> we could not have done this without the city of san francisco. you guys better
9:55 am
be proud, you need to be proud. we are all world series champions here. we're wearing orange and black in san francisco. >> i want to thank the fans because we struggled through the year i always thought the 42,000 fans and the field. they give us a lot of courage in know, more energy to play hard for you guys. >> this is the giants second world series victory in three years. >> if you miss the greater you just can't get enough you can check it out on the 247 news channel comcast's 193 or we are rebroadcasting all the highlights from the parade. tonight at 9 and tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. and you can also watch the entire celebration at kron4 .com. the newborn or chatted monkey was one of the sampras's goes to ready for the giants got hot and the playoffs got the name meet
9:56 am
room all. -romo >> the monkees was born ready for the giants won the pregame run--3. >> posey was another one right? >> there were lots of suggestions butromo stock. that >> they were down of it two and... >> wet etch kit monkey that is. --what a cute
9:57 am
the tanker ignited as they were using welders to separate the derailed train cars and it went up in flames. two workers were injured. >> of the rain is almost out of here now as you can see storm tracker 4 is showing is moving down south past san jose. it was rain overnight and we dodged it in large part for halloween. now things are going to dry out and we have a great 70 forecast. >> the rain is not bad. 80 degrees and we get an extra hour. we'll turn the clock on sunday and 2:00 a.m. becomes 1:00 a.m.. it will be lighter for the kids getting out of school in the morning. >> we will see here tomorrow morning. have a good day.
9:58 am
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